1100 Series

Single Phase Single Conversion


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Product Description

1100 Series of UPS features efficient Single Conversion reactive ONLINE topology based on PWM design using IGBT power devices. As a result the output remains controlled within 1% with low distortion and noise dissipation making it ideal for Servers, Data-centers, Critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, Medical, Lighting, Telecom and Industry.

  • 20 Character, 2 Line Intelligent Diagnostic Display
  • Advanced PWM Design
  • Single Conversion – DC Overcharge Protection
  • Aesethically Pleasing
  • Unity Power Factor Input
  • Long Run Battery Capability
  • Internal Battery
  • Small Footprint
  • High Overload Capability

Technical Specifications

*Specifications subject to change without prior notice

Battery Time Options

1100 Series Batt Time


1100 Series Brochure
1100 Series User Manual

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